Kevin Fitzgerald

Pastor Kevin Fitzgerald has been involved in full-time ministry since 1996. He was ordained at Calvary Chapel Stone Mountain, serving under Pastor Sandy Adams for almost seven years. In 2002, Kevin stepped out in faith and moved to Dublin, Ireland where he planted and pastored the Calvary Chapel work there. Here, Kevin met and married his wife Amanda, and their daughter Mandy-Gail was born. Kevin spoke at churches throughout Europe—including England, Scotland, Spain, France, Slovenia, Austria, Germany, Ukraine, and Scandinavia. In 2012, Kevin handed-off the church in Dublin to another local pastor, and devoted a season of ministry to the Calvary Chapel Bible College in Hungary. Kevin taught classes, as well as starting a ministry called “Strengthen the Church.” He also organized “Fit for the Field” – a month-long church-planting course at the Calvary Chapel Conference Center in CA. – inviting 2 dozen pastors to invest into young church-planters. Kevin has served in the areas of Senior Pastor, Worship Pastor, Youth Pastor, Children’s Pastor, and more. His relational, down-to-earth teaching has been sought out and featured at numerous conferences around the world. Prior to coming to Yuba City, Kevin served on staff as the Worship Pastor at Calvary Chapel Gwinnett. He has recorded and produced 6 musical CD’s, and written and produced several original stage productions. Kevin has sold multiple screenplays, as well as publishing 2 best-selling novels on Amazon. The Fitzgerald’s moved to Yuba City in October of 2016. Their son, Késon, was born in August, 2013, and Avin-John in December 2015.